Making something for yourself gives you an incredible sense of accomplishment. Plus its fun. Figuring out what project you want to make, gathering your items and using your hands to make it, is a wonderful way to spend your time.

I recently taught myself to knit and crochet, which has proved to be a wonderful hobby. It’s relaxing, it takes my mind off all of life’s little worries, and at the end of it, I get a new scarf or beanie. Maybe one day I’ll even make a blanket.

There are so many other crafts and hobbies that I want to try as well. Woodwork, garden projects, the sky’s the limit really. DIY home projects are also no longer impossible or out of reach. With sites like Pinterest, you can find out how to do pretty much anything.

Now, if only I had the time. So for now, I’ll stick with my crochet. Even if I sometimes have to unravel my project, or start something over, it’s always worth it in the end.