Apple PieThis blog is all about baking, making, eating and enjoying life. It’s about what I love to do and how I do it.

I love creating masterpeices in the kitchen! Okay, they’re not always masterpieces, but as long as they’re delicious to eat and my family enjoys them, then I’m happy. The same goes for my knitted or crochet creations. I guess it’s more about doing something I enjoy, and that can give others a bit of enjoyment as well. Warm winter beanies or Pesto pasta … if it brings someone a little comfort and pleasure, then it’s all worth it.

I also love to write. Whether it’s about my creations at home or on a more professional level. So I’ve set out to create a career for myself writing online content, and helping others make the most of their websites. You can check out the professional side of my life at VibrantWeb, or learn about starting your own site (as I did) at Site Launch Guide.