Chilli salt

Making flavoured salts is simple and they’re great to have in the kitchen. They also look amazing in a simple glass jar and you could easily make a gift of them for a foodie friend. This recipe is for a chilli salt, but you could also make a herb salt with a mix of herbs or just dried rosemary, for example. You could also add flavours like sundried tomato.


Rock salt – I use Himalayan salt, which adds even more colour to the mix

Dried chillies

Chillies and rock salt
Chillies and salt

How to

I have a bunch of chilli bushes in my garden and the chillies get hotter every year, so we eat fewer of them and leaving the bushes covered in chillies. To save what we can, I picked a bunch of these chillies and dried them in the oven.

To dry your chillies place them on a baking tray in the oven, at about 100 degrees Celsius. You can leave them at this temperature for a several hours. Check them periodically to ensure they don’t burn. You can also turn the oven off after a few hours, leaving the chilies inside. Once they’ve dried out, remove from the oven and allow to cool.

You can then crumble these up or crush them with a pestle and mortar. Depending on how hot you want your mix, you may want to remove the seeds from your chillies.

Crush the dried chillies
Crush the dried chillies

You can now add your rock salt. If it is very course, crush it a bit in your mortar. Store in a sealed glass jar.

This is great for sprinkling over your food or to add to your dishes while they’re cooking.


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