Life at home

There are things that make life worthwhile, that add to a sense of contentment with where you are in life. For me, these things are many and varied. Spending time with friends and family is an important part of my life. But more than that, is creating a home and creating within the home.

Life at home, for me, means making, baking and enjoying the space around us.

Life in the kitchen

You can often find me in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake. Full confession though – I’m not the best at baking. I cook by throwing ingredients in a pot, pan or bowl and seeing what comes out. And I do this well. While this doesn’t always work with baking – which often needs precision and an inclination to follow a recipe – I do enjoy trying my hand at it.

Time in the garden

Spending time outdoors is wonderful when I get the chance. I have a herb garden (at the moment populated mostly with chilli bushes and a lemon tree), a succulent garden and a big open space dotted with the likes of clivia, wild iris and aloes. When I can, I’ll potter around, plant and harvest what I can from this wonderful resource.

A love of yarn

I have also found a love for yarn – I’m not proficient at crochet or knitting, but I have taken on a few projects that (surprisingly) have turned out quite well. There’s nothing quite like finding the right yarn for a project and seeing something beautiful emerge as you work on it bit-by-bit. I could spend hours in our local wool shop, and often come home with yarn I don’t need and don’t quite know what to do with, until inspiration hits.

So this is my life at home and these are my adventures.


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